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Event Safety Alliance Canada Mission:

  • We will provide high quality health and safety learning opportunities to Canadian arts, entertainment and live event communities.
  • We strive to share expertise, solutions and reasonable practices based on Canadian needs and legislation.
  • Our goal is to prevent injuries and incidents, and protect both people and events.
  • By maintaining a strong relationship with the ESA, we will participate in the development of global resources to address industry challenges.


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Janet Sellery, Stratford, ON

Janet Sellery is one of Canada’s leading experts in health and safety and the arts. She started her career in stage management and moved into health and safety after a critical injury involving an actor. Janet pioneered the health and safety program at the Stratford Festival, Canada’s largest repertory theatre, and one of her favourite projects was working as the Health & Safety Manager for the Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Prior to her work with Event Safety Alliance Canada, Janet was a co-founder of the Canadian Event Safety Summit (2016-2018).

Janet is an active volunteer with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Live Performance Health & Safety Advisory Committee and the Event Safety Alliance Advisory Council. She has been awarded the “Ron Epp Memorial Award for Professional Achievement” (Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology) and “Canada’s Safety Manager of the Year” (Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine). As a Health & Safety Consultant (Sellery Health + Safety ), Janet focuses on customizing programs, training, and resources to reflect the constantly evolving and unique demands of the live event environment.

Advisory Council

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Trevor Hyland, Toronto, ON

Trevor has worked with the City of Toronto for five years in the City Cultural Events, Production unit leading various projects including: PANAMANIA, Canada 150 Celebrations, Canada Day, Nuit Blanche, Cavalcade of Lights and New Year's Eve. He recently accepted a position within the Office of Emergency Management leading a new event safety & security taskforce. He is passionate about the advancements in event health & safety, emergency service coordination and crowd management tactics at all produced events. Trevor is a graduate of Sheridan Collage and has worked in the events industry for over twenty years with a focus on concert production.

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Shannon Inniss, Toronto, ON

Shannon spent the first portion of her career gaining an extensive background in technical theatre production and corporate audio-visual. She specialized in technical systems design and onsite management until broadening into overall event technical direction/management. Throughout this journey, the consistent driving force was a desire to seek change and innovation in an industry with varying degrees of health and safety considerations.

Shannon later transitioned into managing event operations for outdoor festivals which broadened her skill range and knowledge, from tents to propane and everything between. Writing extensive risk assessments, emergency safety management plans, contracts, and working alongside key authorities are some of the core job functions she provides events. She has also worked alongside professionals in the industry from around the world in an effort discover best practises and open dialogue for improvement in global standards. She has recently started a Master of Science degree at the University of Manchester Metropolitan in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis.

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Chris Kerr, Calgary, AB

Chris Kerr is an accomplished live entertainment Production Manager based in Calgary, Alberta. He is a partner in Experience Ambassadors (XA), a boutique production agency focused on brand-boosting live events and touring productions for a diverse portfolio of select international clients. Among his many projects, he is the Tour Production Manager for recording artist Zedd, and is the Festival Operations Director for the FVDED In The Park music festival, which hosts 24,000 music fans in Surrey, BC every July.

Chris is also a founder of XA Staffing, Alberta’s largest security and staffing agency specializing in concerts, festivals, sporting events, and mass gatherings since 2004. Employing over 500 across their offices in Calgary and Edmonton, they staff over 1,000 events annually in the province.

Previously, he served over 10 years as Director of Production for independent Canadian concert promoter Union Events, where he worked in countless venues and green fields across Canada producing ticketed concerts. Chris managed a team of production management staff located across Canada that executed the company’s 700+ annual events. Chris has represented promoters, artists, venues, and service providers in nearly every aspect of live event production in locations around the world.

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Evan Sandham

Evan is a Health & Safety consultant specializing in Events and Live Entertainment with his company Production Health & Safety.

Trained as a Theatre and AV technician, manager, and designer, Evan took a keen interest in Health and Safety during school. His thesis study project took a look at the safety culture of the Theatre School among students, where he compared survey results on opinions of workplace practices and personal views on safety to existing research on injury rates and safety education with young workers in general industry.

Evan still actively works in Event Production and Production Management, Technical Direction, and Tour Management for theatre and dance in a variety of venues, from storefront theatre on the Danforth to the 100th Grey Cup Halftime Show at the Rogers Centre (or Skydome, for those who are still bitter about it). Over the last 3 years, he has had the pleasure to tour a number of shows across Canada, the US, and Internationally.

Evan is a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School and Ryerson School of Occupational and Public Health and is an active member of the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology and Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

When not hard at work, Evan enjoys conversations that aren't about work, adventures in the wilderness, and road trips to small towns with ‘world's largest’ monuments. After many years of attempting, he hopes to one day learn how to juggle.

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Jennifer Sookdeo, Toronto, ON

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Emma Stuart, Toronto, ON

Emma is a highly experienced Event and Operations Manager working for over 9 years in both Europe and North America. Emma has extensive experience of delivering events for both Public and Private sector organizations and almost uniquely in large Royal and Ceremonial Events in the UK. She has also had the opportunity of working on some of the biggest and most challenging events on both continents in recent years. These have included Canada 150, Nuit Blanche, London's New Years’ Eve celebrations, Tour de France, London Hyde Park Concerts, Pride, the London Marathon, and the London 2012 Olympics.

Emma’s experience of planning and delivering such a wide variety of events has enabled her to advise and consult event organizers on a range of event topics including: Permitting, Crowd Management, Event Safety, and Emergency Planning. Her varied career and international experience have led to her working closely with event safety organizations and developing new strategies for the safe execution of events. Emma consistently seeks to develop her skills further and ensure that she is at the cutting edge of event safety.

Emma has a passion for improving Event Safety globally through teaching and showcasing safety ‘good practice’, working alongside both Local Government and the organizers of ‘Major Impact’ events.

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Kevin Tanner, Banff, AB

Kevin is a production and venue management leader, with the bulk of his experience in public sector and post-secondary venues. As Technical Director of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, a new multi-stakeholder venue at Queen's University, he was instrumental in developing foundational processes, including an organizational focus on safe work practices, and positive artist and customer experiences. Prior to The Isabel, he served in production leadership roles at both the Kingston Grand Theatre and Thousand Islands Playhouse.

In 2018, Kevin made the move to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains where he is now the Managing Director of Production at Banff Centre. A post-secondary learning institute for the arts, Banff Centre welcomes tens of thousands of visitors annually for hundreds of events featuring the work of program participants and presenting series artists. Banff Centre’s diverse programming presents many unique safety, crowd management, and operational challenges.

Passionate about promoting a strong safety culture in the arts industry, Kevin holds a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from Ryerson University. He is also a graduate of the Master of Arts program in Arts Leadership from Queen’s University.
Outside of work, Kevin is an avid curler, bagpiper, and general enthusiast of all other Scottish hobbies.

Event Safety Alliance Canada is a proud chapter of the Event Safety Alliance

Event Safety Alliance® (ESA) is dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution. ESA’s mission is to help event professionals and our guests be Empowered, Safe, and Aware of the reasonably foreseeable risks around them.

ESA works to achieve our mission through Education, Skills training, and Advocacy.
Our goal is to put Life Safety at the cultural heart of our industry.

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