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Audio (Sound Levels & Hearing)

A Guide to Noise Regulation (Ontario, Canada)

Musicians' Clinics of Canada (Canada)

Associations / Foundations / Services

Actsafe Safety Association (British Columbia, Canada)

Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) (Canada)

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) (Canada)

Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology (CITT) - Health & Safety at Work (Canada)

Event Safety Alliance (ESA) (USA)

Global Crowd Management Alliance (GCMA) (World)

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) (Ontario, Canada)

Institute for Work & Health (Ontario, Canada)

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Worker Inc. (OHCOW) (Ontario, Canada)

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) (Ontario, Canada)

Safe Events (Ireland)

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) (Ontario, Canada)

Workplace Safety North (WSN) (Ontario, Canada)

Crowd Management 

ANSI ES1.9-2020 - Crowd Management (ESTA) (USA)

Be Crowdwise Campaign (GCMA)

Global Crowd Management Alliance (GCMA) (World)

Managing Crowd Safety (Health & Safety Executive) (United Kingdom)

Public Behaviour in Response to Perceived Hostile Threats (United Kingdom Economic & Social Research Council)

Working with Crowds (United Kingdom)


Entertainment Electrical Safety Association (EESA) (Canada)

Emergency Preparedness

Get Prepared (Canada)

Performing Arts Readiness (USA)

Event Structures

ANSI E1.2-2021 - Entertainment Technology - Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers

ANSI ES1.19-2020 - Safety Requirements for Special Event Structures (ESTA) (USA)

Design Evaluation & Field Review of Demountable Event & Related Structures (Professional Engineers Ontario) (Ontario, Canada)

Ontario Building Code Amendments - Demountable Stages & Support Structures, February 2023 (Ontario, Canada)

Fire Safety

ANSI ES1.4-2021 - Event Fire Safety Requirements (ESTA) (USA)

Fire Smoke Canada (Canada)

Healthier Workplaces: Episode 16 - A New Normal of Hot & Smokey Environments

Hot & Smoky: A New Normal - Webinar presented by Mona Shum, MSc, CIH

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (USA)

Wildfire Smoke (BC Centre for Disease Control, Canada)

Wildfire Smoke (Canada)

Wildfire Smoke: Frequently Asked Questions (WorkSafe BC, Canada)

Heat Stress

Heat Exposure Control Plan (ActSafe, BC, Canada)

IATSE 891 - Heat Stress App (Andriod)

IATSE 891 - Heat Stress App (Apple)

Managing Heat Stress at Work (Ontario)

Outdoor Venues Safety Guidelines (Ontario)

Guidelines, Manuals, Fact Sheets

Bouncy Castles & Inflatables at Your Events (Ireland)

Construction Health & Safety Manual (IHSA) (Canada)

ESTA Technical Standards Program (USA)

Event Production Guide (Texas, USA)

Health & Safety Executive Guidance (United Kingdom)

Health & Safety Executive Resources (United Kingdom)

Major Planned Events Fact Sheets (British Columbia, Canada)

Major Planned Events Guidelines (British Columbia, Canada)

OSHA Fact Sheets, Info Sheets, and Hazard Alerts (USA)

OSHA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Information & Standards (USA)

Small Business Centre - Safety Road Map (WSPS) (Ontario, Canada)

The Event Safety Guide (USA)

The Purple Book (United Kingdom)

Working in Live Performance Theatre (CCOHS) (Canada)

Youth Theater Consent Guide (USA)

Investigation Reports

November 5, 2021 - Astroworld Festival: Governor Greg Abbott's Task Force on Concert Safety

May 22, 2017 - Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena: Inquiry into Arena Bombing

August 13, 2011 - Indiana State Fair: Collapse Incident Investigative Report

June 15, 2011 - Stanley Cup Finals: Vancouver Police Department 2011 Stanley Cup Riot Review

February 20, 2003 - The Station Nightclub & Music Venue: Report of the Technical Investigation Volume 2

February 20, 2003 - The Station Nightclub & Music Venue: Report of the Technical Investigation Volume 1

Mental Health

Behind the Scenes (Canada, USA)

CAN/CSA-Z1003-13 - Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace (Canada)

Canadian Suicide Prevention Service | Crisis Services Canada (Canada)

Gender, Work, & Health Portal (CCOHS) (Canada)

Mental Harm Prevention: 13+ Workplace Factors Toolkits (WSPS) (Ontario, Canada)

Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap (WSPS) (Ontario, Canada)

Mental Health Safety Talks (IHSA) (Ontario, Canada)

ResilientME (PSHSA) (Ontario, Canada)

The AFC (Canada)

Wellness Together Canada (Canada)

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and Ergonomics

eOfficeErgo: Ergonomics E-Learning for Office Works (Institute for Work & Health) (Ontario, Canada)

MSD Prevention Guideline for Ontario (Ontario, Canada)

Setting up a Temporary Home Office (Institute for Work & Health) (Ontario, Canada)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Canadian Women's Experiences with PPE in the Workplace (CSA Group)

Canadian Women's Experiences with PPE in the Workplace - Webinar (CSA Group)

Entertaining Health - PPE for Women (scroll down home page) (Canada, Irish, UK, USA, Other)


Event Safety Podcast (ESA) (USA)


ANSI ES1.8-2022 - Event Safety - Rigging (ETSA & ESA) (USA)

International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging (ESTA & Plasa) (USA)

Risk Management

ISO 31000 - Risk Management


ISO 20121 - Sustainable Events


Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) (Canada)

Event Safety Access Training (ESA) (USA)

Pathogen Prepared Professional Training (ESA) (USA)

ResilientME (PSHSA) (Ontario, Canada)

Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) (Ontario, Canada)


ANSI ES1.7-2021 - Event Safety Requirements - Weather Prepardeness (ETSA & ESA) (USA)

Earth Networks - Severe Weather Detection Technologies (USA)

Event Safety Alliance - Concert Safety During Dangerous Storms

Event Safety Alliance Podcast Episode 5: Severe Weather and What to Do About It (USA)

Event Safety Alliance Podcast Episode 6: Severe Weather Trigger Charts Explained (USA)

Management of Outdoor Activities for Severe Weather Conditions (Australia)

National Weather Service - Event Ready Guide (USA)

National Weather Service - Lightning Safety Toolkits (USA)

News: Festival Evacuated Due to Thunderstorm

News: Guide for Debunking Lightning Myths

News: Heavy Rain Cancels Festival

News: Lighting Strike Injures Six People at PGA Championship

News: Three Trees Falls at Masters Tournament Due to Wind

Severe Weather (Canada)

Weather Safety at Venues and Public Gatherings (American Meteorological Society) (USA)

Event safety news   

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