The idea to create the Event Safety Alliance Canada (ESAC) came as a result of the number of critical incidents that had taken place in a short time period and specifically the stage collapse at Downsview Park in Toronto on June 12, 2012, where Scott Johnson was critically injured and died from his injuries.

In August 2023, Ken Johnson, father of Scott Johnson, contacted Janet Sellery and suggested the idea of giving out an award to someone who is working to make events safer and offered to donate to our cause to initiate enthusiasm. Janet loved the idea and reviewed with the Board of Directors to see if we could pull something together in time for our 2023 Conference. We jumped at the opportunity, enlisted Ken as well, and now have the ESAC Awards Program.

At the same time, we created a short video to help promote the ESAC and our cause. It was instantly apparent that these two ideas needed to be linked together. CLICK HERE to watch the video.


The Scott Johnson Memorial Award

This award is to recognize a “Job Well Done” by any member of the events community in Canada in support of safety at events in Canada. Nominees may include companies, owners, employees, or organizations who have made a notable contribution to safety at events.

The ESAC Builder Award

This award is to honour those who have in the long term provided an outstanding contribution, dedication and level of performance to the betterment of safety at events in Canada. Current and former members of the events community, companies, owners, employees, and members of the wider community may be nominated for this award. This award may be given posthumously.

The ESAC Excellence in Safety Award

This award is to honour those who have shown “Outstanding Leadership” and gone above and beyond all others in order to further safety at events locally, nationally or internationally. The prime criterion is leadership in the events community. Anyone is eligible for this award who has gone above all others for the betterment of safety, health & safety and/or guest safety and experience at events. Any member of the events and broader community may be nominated for this award. This award may be given posthumously.


These awards are a way for us, the members of ESAC, to celebrate our peers and industry partners for their commitment to making health, safety, and wellbeing the priority at Canadian events. We need your help to identify worthy recipients of these awards!

To submit a nomination request, please CLICK HERE to complete a nominations form. The criteria for each award is listed above. 

You are welcome to make as many nomination submissions as you would like for each award. Please keep your rationale answer to 500 words or less, but please don't feel like that's a target you need to hit - feel free to say only as much as is necessary.

Please note that your nomination(s) will be held on file as we continue to issue these awards into the future.



Scott Johnson Memorial Award - Naomi Turner & Kareem Pirani
Presented By: Janet Sellery & Ken Johnson

Scott Johnson Memorial Award - Sherry Beard
Presented By: Tony Potestio & Ken Johnson

ESAC Builder Award - Don Parman
Presented By: Jason Gordon

ESAC Builder Award - Ken Johnson
Presented By: Scott Pollard 

ESAC Excellence in Safety Award - Eric Stuart
Presented By: Janet Sellery

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