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Event Safety Alliance Canada is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organization!

ESA Canada has been a journey that evolved from a Canadian safety conference concept into a passion project division of Sellery Health + Safety, before finally arriving at this important and exciting milestone. I am thrilled to accept the role of Executive Director and announce the inaugural Board of Directors:

  • Shannon Inniss (Chair), Toronto, ON
  • Chris Kerr (Vice Chair), Calgary, AB
  • Frank Dodich (Secretary), Vancouver BC
  • Kevin Tanner (Treasurer), Banff, AB

We are currently formalizing our organization and we’ll keep you up to date through our newsletter.

Stay well, safe and healthy,
Janet Sellery

Executive Director, Event Safety Alliance Canada

Welcome To Event Safety Alliance Canada

Here’s a quick recap of our accomplishments in 2019:

Inaugural ESAC Conference (April 3, 2019)
Severe Weather Workshop (Oct. 2-3, 2019)
2 Crowd Safety Workshops (Nov. 25-26 and 28-29, 2019)

With 275+ participants in our events, it’s clear Canadians are embracing improved safety for our arts, entertainment and live event communities with enthusiasm and determination.

These learning opportunities are made possible through the generous support of our advisory council, sponsors, community partners and speakers, as well as our valued partnership with the Event Safety Alliance in the U.S.

Be safe,
Janet Sellery

Executive Director, Event Safety Alliance Canada

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