Issued by: Board of Directors

Approved: June 5, 2024
Replaces: April 5, 2023
Due for Renewal: June 5, 2027


  • person means an individual, body corporate, partnership, trust, or unincorporated organization.

  • member means an individual, body corporate, partnership, trust, or unincorporated organization who has been issued with a Class A or Class B membership as defined in the organization’s bylaws.

  • participant means an individual, body corporate, partnership, trust, or unincorporated organization who is engaging in any manner with any activity conducted by Event Safety Alliance Canada (ESAC). This includes but is not limited to engagement with the organization by way of an employment, volunteer, or contractual relationship.


This Code of Conduct is intended to establish and describe the ESAC’s standards of professional conduct and to establish clear and acceptable behaviour expectations for ESAC members and participants. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members, event attendees, employees, volunteers, contractors and other participants are treated with respect while working, enjoying ESAC programming, or participating in ESAC communication.


Any person shall be considered to have provided their implied consent to be bound by this Code of Conduct when:

  • the person has purchased a membership, event registration, or other form of admission to an ESAC activity;
  • the person participates by way of posting, commenting, or engaging in any other way with the ESAC Forum on the organization’s website;

  • the person has agreed to enter into a contractual, employment, or volunteer relationship with ESAC; or
  • the person otherwise engages in a direct manner with any activity of ESAC.

At a minimum, this Code of Conduct shall be made freely available to all persons in the engagements described above by way of an unrestricted posting on the ESAC website.


The objective of this policy is to ensure an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, abuse, and violence for members, employees, volunteers, contractors, and all other participants. ESAC’s’ goal is an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Every member or participant is deemed to agree that:

  • the privileges and rights of members and participants are governed by the organization’s by-laws and policies; and
  • the conduct of each member and participant is subject to the organization’s by-laws, policies, and guidelines.


All members and participants will at all times:

  • Conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
  • Respect the rights of all other members, participants, and directors.
  • Be respectful of diverse thoughts and perspectives. Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity.
  • Refrain from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and violence, including abusive conduct, threatening language, and violent behaviour.
  • Exercise professional skill and judgment to the best of their ability.
  • Provide a safe working environment.
  • Present or supply products and services honestly without misrepresentation.
  • Safeguard the clients, the public, and other contractors’ interest in matters of safety, health and the environment.
  • Carry out their professional responsibilities with integrity, honesty, and diligence.
  • Provide fair and responsive service to customers before, during, and after all business transactions.
  • Avoid undertaking work that is beyond their capabilities.
  • Share knowledge, expertise, and skills to advance the industry while respecting the confidentiality of customers and associates.
  • Make full and frank disclosure to customers of all material terms of any agreement with them.
  • Abide by all local, provincial, and national laws and regulations.
  • Comply with all lawful contractual obligations.
  • Recognize the rights of others to compete for business in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Respect all intellectual property rights, relevant laws, codes, and statutory regulations, and protect the public against fraud and unfair trade practices.
  • Support the development of industry standards and safe practices.
  • Actively seek to minimize their impact on the environment, and strive to make positive social and environmental impacts. 
  • Uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession and that of the ESAC, its members and directors.
  • Be an ambassador for ESAC. Support the ESAC by taking an active role in its activities and promoting the ESAC to the industry.
  • Not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure the professional reputation of other persons or organizations, whether directly or indirectly or whether they are ESAC members or not.
  • Not do anything, or permit anything under their authority to be done, of which the probable and involuntary consequences would, in their professional judgment:
    • endanger human life or safety;
    • expose valuable property to the risk of destruction or serious damage; or
    • needlessly pollute or damage the environment.
  • Not disseminate publicly or to any third parties any information posted on pages of the website that are restricted to membership access. This includes, with specific emphasis, the personal information of any other member.

  • Abide by the rules of the ESAC Forum when posting, commenting, or engaging in any other manner with this area of the website.

  • Address operational concerns directly with staff and/or Board of Directors as appropriate.


Unacceptable conduct may be deliberate or unintended. The test is whether a reasonable person knows or ought to know the recipient would consider such behaviour unwelcome or inappropriate.


    The Board of Directors and its Officers have the authority, as set out in ESAC’s by-laws, to enforce this Code of Conduct policy against any members and participants who are in violation. This may include suspension of rights and privileges of the offending person and/or expulsion from ESAC.


    The Board of Directors of ESAC will review this policy once every year and will include this policy with other policy documents of the organization.

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